Wildcats News · Keystone Athletic Facilities Update

Keystone High School Athletic Plan and Frequently Asked Questions:


Start Date June 1, 2020


In light of the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected us all since March 12, we are looking to open our school athletic facilities both inside and outside. This is very good news as there is light at the end of the tunnel ,and although we are looking at a new “norm” it will be great to be able to mentor, and train our student athletes again and provide them the encouragement, motivation, and mentorship they are looking for. 


*It is imperative that we all ease back into our athletic training. Many of our students need us more than ever both emotionally and physically. Please do not rush back out onto the field, gym, or track with a high level of expectation in mind. It is imperative, we ease our athletes back to their physical, mental norms and expectations slowly!


New Guidelines and requirements for using our facilities:


-10 player training sessions inside/ or groups of 10 pods broken up outside.


-School facilities will only be open to 7-12 student athletes and coaches, no community members or outside organizations. (except the track)


-All training sessions on campus must be reserved through the google sheet shared with all of our coaches. We need to track who is using what facility, so it can be properly cleaned daily. 


-Student athletes and coaches are encouraged to wear masks to and from practice, not during training or when you are exerting energy (for safety reasons.)


-Temperatures of athletes and coaches will be taken before workout/training every day and recorded.(Please keep all records and put them in my mailbox. I will keep all training wellness checks in my office.)


– All players must bring their own water. Extra bottles of water will be made available if an athlete forgets.


-Rest rooms and locker rooms will be closed, restrooms can only be used only in the case of an emergency.


All equipment used must be wiped down after use! (Wipes will be in all facilities or disinfecting spray and paper towels.)


Social Distancing needs to be practiced at all times, athletes always six feet apart.


-*Please read guidelines from the Lorain Department of Health, and Guidance from the Cleveland Clinic. These documents are posted on all doors as you enter our facilities.  PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS IF YOU HAVE THEM! Safety FIRST!