Wildcats News · Keystone Middle School Athletic Award Winners

Sportsmanship, ethics and integrity are essential components of any successful athletic program. As part of an ongoing program to promote Sportsmanship, Ethics and Integrity, the Ohio High School Athletic Association would like to recognize students who display exemplary sportsmanship. This award is named for Archie Griffin. Mr. Griffin is an Ohio native, the only two-time recipient of the Heisman Trophy for football, and as a professional athlete, he always displayed exemplary sportsmanship. Mr. Griffin, current CEO of The Ohio State University Alumni Association, has been active in promoting sportsmanship, ethics and integrity for many years. He was honored in 1998 as the recipient of the prestigious OHSAA Ethics and Integrity Award.


This years winners are:

Grady Whitacre & Jessica Forthofer


The National Federation of High School’s Board of Directors and NFHS Citizenship Committee has permitted each OHSAA member high school to award the NFHS National Award of Excellence to one male and one female senior student who has displayed exemplary sportsmanship, ethics and integrity.

This award is to be presented to a student in your school who has exhibited qualities that embody good citizenship, good moral character, and good sporting behavior.


This years winners are:

Holden Longacre, Emily Jirousek, and Emma Bachman.


Congratulations to all our award winners, and thank you for your dedication to your school and community! Please continue to grow as leaders and mentors in our district.