Wildcats News · Keystone Athletic Shutdown Reminder (Frequently Asked Questions)

With the implementation of the 3-week break from the OHSAA and the Governor’s office, we know there are evolving questions about student athletes working with non-school programs during this break, especially with the implementation of the sandlot/travel baseball and softball leagues that are spreading on Twitter. These are of large concern, and know you all have many questions.


It is important to note that coaches are still able to have communication with student-athletes.  The OHSAA is simply asking for no physical interaction, participation or instruction during this time.  Please remember that students should NOT be practicing or participating together. Any team-related practices that are organized by parents or players is highly discouraged.  A parent and child, or two teammates, playing catch in the front yard would not be considered a “team-related practice”. The goal is to avoid gatherings of any sort (small or large).


The non-interscholastic rule states that a student is considered a member of their school team once they have participated in a scrimmage or contest for their school team. If they have not yet participated in a scrimmage, they are permitted to participate with non-school programs (maximum of 4 per on a team from any given school), but the Keystone High athletic department highly recommends that athletes do NOT do this at this time.  The purpose of this 3-week break is to decrease gatherings and practice social distancing. We are trying to do our part in limiting the exposure and we ask you to help us do that.